How To Make Your Own Rain Barrel Watering System

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Many food and soft drink manufacturers have a load of 55 gallon barrels that they need taken off their hands. They can be used only once in most instances in their production, and it is costly to dispose of them correctly – so step in and help!

You are looking for food quality barrels, 55 gallons. The kind that have stored only food stuffs – and absolutely nothing toxic. Stating the obvious I know.

You can also buy food quality barrels from your local hardware store for around $20, and they come in all shapes/colors/sizes – avoid square remember!

Screw Top vs Sealed Barrels?

There is divide opinion over this question. The benefits of using a screw top barrel are that you can gain easy access inside to add the plumbing, and also to remove leaves.

However, sealed top barrels are more abundant. You don’t really need full access inside for the fittings and leaves can be avoided by used a debris gutter and down spout screen.

You consider getting a debris screen and lid for the barrel if you are opting for an open topped barrel. This will prevent mosquitos from breeding (huge bonus) but is also a safety precaution, stopping small animals and curious children from coming into any danger.

It is advisable to get your barrels delivered unless you have a decent amount of space, they are not going to fit into a regular car!

Where To Position The Containers

When choosing the location for your barrels you need to consider a few things. Firstly, it makes sense to position them against a wall – obviously this will mean they are close to the gutter which is a bonus, but also it will prevent them getting in the way of foot traffic. You don’t want any chance of a water barrel being knocked over and dislodged – a full water barrel could easily crush a child, animal or even an adult.

Consider plants that currently depend on the runoff, they may be enjoying their position beside the house where they get to enjoy all the rain water. Maybe repositioning these could be the answer.

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