Mattel To Recall Even More Toys Due To Lead Paint.

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Here we go again, from CNN:

Mattel Inc., whose reputation has been battered by two high-profile toy recalls this summer, will announce on Wednesday the recall of a third batch of Chinese-made toys because they may contain excessive amounts of lead paint, The Associated Press has learned.

The latest recall by the world’s largest toy maker will be for a Fisher-Price toy and accessories to a Barbie playset and involves several hundred thousand units, according to two persons briefed by Mattel executives who asked for anonymity because the company has not yet formally announced the action. It could not be learned whether the toys were made in different Chinese factories.

At this point, I gotta say..if you are still buying plastic toys from China for your children, well, you know…I don’t have to say it. But after this recall, this recall, this recall, this recall and this recall, all in the last month and a half, you have to wonder how many toys and goods are not being recalled.

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