Method Wants You To Go Naked With 20% Off.

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Method wants you to go naked for Earth Day, so they are offering 20% off products at the Methodonline store. Just use the coupon “earthday” to get the 20% off.

They have a new line of cleaners and soaps called “Go Naked” that are free of everything that could possibly be an irritant to your skin. I haven’t tried them yet ( I should after my episode with hives last year…just waiting for that to come back!) but I am guessing that if you have sensitive skin or have bad allergies, these might be great products for you. At 20% off, what do you have to lose? From Method:

our purest collection of cleaners is completely dye and perfume-free, non-toxic, biodegradable, naturally-derived and is never tested on animals.

They also have some tips for you on how to celebrate Earth Day:

1. unplug
spend the day offline and unwired. remind yourself that blackberries are for eating, not talking to.

2. plant a tree
yard full? plant a forest.

3. spend earth day in your birthday suit
mother nature would smile. your neighbor might not.

4. make a donation to the Nature Conservancy

5. go naked
(so we threw one in, so what?) clean up your home with method dye-free, perfume-free, earth-friendly cleaners.

6. ride your bike to work
spare the air and spend time outside. mother nature not on your side on this one? carpooling and public transportation are good too.

7. switch to CFL lights
those little ice cream looking bulbs can help save a ton of energy. simple, effective, long lasting….and who doesn’t like ice cream.

If you were looking for a good time to try

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