Japanese Ad Company Designs 100% Off-Grid House


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Well, it’s certainly surprising but not beyond the realm of reality. After all, what else does an advertising agency do other than come up with new ideas on a regular basis?

Japanese agency TBWA\HAKUHODO has designed a house full of new technology which will allow homeowners to live comfortably even if they are completely off the grid.

After the earthquake and Tsunami last year, TBWA\HAKUHODO partnered with twenty different companies as part of the collaboration process to bring the house concept to life. They wanted to see what they could design that would allow people to live without the modern amenities they were used to, which is what sometimes happens after an earthquake or other natural disaster. The MIRAI NIHON (“Future Japan”) house was the result of this collaboration.

Partner Nissan Motor Company provided their all-electric EV as not only a way to fill transportation needs but also to act as a backup power generator. A water purification system cleans rainwater for consumption, solar photovoltaics generate electricity, a misting system cools down the house, a ceramic exterior coating reflects heat, and a portable home energy unit controls the entire house from a handheld tablet.

If this is the future of the home, count me in – I want one. Now if I could only get it shipped from Japan and still feel comfortable with the carbon footprint it would create.

Here’s a video of the project:

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  1. What a beautiful home. Kudos to Nissan for help making this happen.

    On our blog, we’ve just covered a high efficiency Demonstration home in Los Angeles. It’s called the Vision House, and it’s an absolute beauty.

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