Mitsubishi i Electric Car Sponsoring Giveaway of a Whole Foods Prize Package


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Long-time readers of The Good Human may recall that back in 2008 I wrote about a Japanese video of an electric car called the Mitusbishi iMiEV. At the time I couldn’t wait to see this car on the road. Fast-forward to 2012 and the car’s official name has been shortened to Mitsubishi i and it began shipping earlier this year to select markets in California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii. (The rest of the year and next will see the car shipping to most other major markets.) Looks like Mitsubishi came thru and made this car a reality that we can actually buy now.

In order to garner interest and excitement about their new EV, Mitsubishi is sponsoring a giveaway of a Whole Foods prize package to one lucky reader of The Good Human! Details follow below, but before we jump ahead of ourselves let’s take a look at the new Mitsubishi i electric car. Can you imagine yourself driving one of these new EVs?

mitsubishi i

Mitsubishi i Price

Mitsubishi wanted to make a low-cost, 100% electric-powered vehicle for the masses and with this car they have succeeded. The starting MSRP is $29,125 but after a federal tax credit the price comes down to $21,625 for the standard ES model and $23,625 for the upgraded SE version. This is six thousand dollars less than the other comparable 100% electric mass-market car, the Nissan Leaf, which comes is priced at MSRP $35,200 ($27,700 after tax rebate).

mitsubishi i

Power Source and Driving Range

The Mitsubishi i is powered by an 88 cell, 330V lithium-ion battery pack which drives a 49 kW (66 bhp) AC synchronous electric motor turning the rear wheels. It has a top speed of about 80 MPH and an EPA certified “real world” mileage rating of 62 miles per charge. I don’t know about your commute, but I haven’t had a commute even come to close to being 31 miles each way, so chances are many people could drive to and from work in this car without spending a dime on gasoline. It can be recharged using three methods: A 240V/15A Level 2 home EVSE Eaton charging system (estimated charge time from completely empty battery to fully charged – 7 hours, the method recommended by Mitsubishi), a CHAdeMO Level 3 public quick charging station (estimated charge time from very low battery to 80% full – 30 minutes), and through the conventional 120V/8A Level 1 portable charging cable that plugs into a standard wall outlet (estimated charge time from very low battery to full charge – 22.5 hours; included on all models).

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  1. I’ve become much more excited by the world of EVs after once working for an electrical engineering company and learning that they installed EV charging stations. Pretty sweet! Anyway, the battery is warrantied for 8 years or 100,000 miles. I’d be interested to see someone’s account of real world usage!

  2. Wow! 8 Year / 100,000 mi warranty on a lithium 10N battery, plus the upgrade option allows you to plug in to a public charging station with the internal air conditioning system cooling the system to prevent overheating…I’m sold! Can’t wait to see these in Oregon!

  3. The warranty is for eight years/ 100,000-mile limited battery warranty with a cooling system to protect the battery from overheating. They have initiated a joint venture between two of their companies GS Yuasa Mitsubishi corporation and Mitsubishi Motors to create Lithium energy Japan. So this is Mitsubishi all the way! What a way to do it, right?

  4. An 8-year / 100,000-mile limited battery warranty. Sweet! This is actually only one of the few new cars I would look into! I prefer to re-use and not have new materials used 🙂 They should make some of these new eco friendly cars 100% recycled too!

  5. 8 years, altho I’ll admit I probably have no business buying one. I live close enough to work I ought to be walking all the time, but I get lazy in the Oregon rainy season. 😉 Maybe I wouldn’t feel guilty if I was driving an electric car.

  6. the battery warrenty is 8 years/100,000 miles. this is the most important part and there are very few parts to an electric car. good news!

  7. I bought one and took delivery in Dec in Honolulu. It has an 8 year, 100K warranty, then the battery will start to fade a little, but still great for my commute. A great car!

  8. 8 years/ 100,000 miles for battery warranty. I have an i Miev reserved. Will drive one within next 2 weeks. Looks like one rockin little EV! It is also a great looking vehicle, unlike some of the other EVs.

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