Mitsubishi i Electric Car Sponsoring Giveaway of a Whole Foods Prize Package


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Size and Safety

The Mitsubishi i may be compact in its overall dimensions, but it easily fits four adult-size passengers. With a tall roofline and the battery pack placed securely in a watertight, stainless-steel safety cell underneath the floor, even the rear passengers will have plenty of legroom. (That’s more than I can say for many non-EV sub-compacts, being a 6 foot tall man myself.) And while there’s a small cargo area at the back which has room for a few bags of groceries, the rear seats fold flat to expand the cargo area to accomodate larger items.

mitsubishi i

The Giveaway

A big thanks to Mitsubishi for sponsoring this cool giveaway to the readers of The Good Human! One lucky winner of this giveaway will receive a $100 Whole Foods Gift Card, two Flip & Tumble Reusable Bags and a Pure Balance Water Bottle. So how do you enter to win? Please follow the instructions below carefully, as only valid entries following the rules will be entered:

  • Mitsubishi wants you to head over to the Mitsubishi i website and check out the car. While there, find out how long the battery is warrantied for. Don’t worry, it’s easy to find on the homepage. Keep that number in mind and then return to The Good Human.
  • Leave a comment on this post with the correct answer as to how long the battery is warrantied for. Use a valid email address so that we may contact you if you are the winner.
  • Emailed entries will not be counted — entry by comment on this post only.
  • You must be over 18 years old and live within U.S.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and notified by email.
  • No purchase is necessary
  • All prizes courtesy of Mitsubishi
  • Giveaway will end 11:59 PM EST on Monday, March 5th, 2012

Good luck everyone, and thanks again to Mitsubishi for sponsoring this giveaway to promote their new Mitsubishi i electric vehicle. Pretty soon we’ll all be driving EVs, so it’s great to see companies working hard to make them affordable for the masses!

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  1. I’ve become much more excited by the world of EVs after once working for an electrical engineering company and learning that they installed EV charging stations. Pretty sweet! Anyway, the battery is warrantied for 8 years or 100,000 miles. I’d be interested to see someone’s account of real world usage!

  2. Wow! 8 Year / 100,000 mi warranty on a lithium 10N battery, plus the upgrade option allows you to plug in to a public charging station with the internal air conditioning system cooling the system to prevent overheating…I’m sold! Can’t wait to see these in Oregon!

  3. The warranty is for eight years/ 100,000-mile limited battery warranty with a cooling system to protect the battery from overheating. They have initiated a joint venture between two of their companies GS Yuasa Mitsubishi corporation and Mitsubishi Motors to create Lithium energy Japan. So this is Mitsubishi all the way! What a way to do it, right?

  4. An 8-year / 100,000-mile limited battery warranty. Sweet! This is actually only one of the few new cars I would look into! I prefer to re-use and not have new materials used 🙂 They should make some of these new eco friendly cars 100% recycled too!

  5. 8 years, altho I’ll admit I probably have no business buying one. I live close enough to work I ought to be walking all the time, but I get lazy in the Oregon rainy season. 😉 Maybe I wouldn’t feel guilty if I was driving an electric car.

  6. the battery warrenty is 8 years/100,000 miles. this is the most important part and there are very few parts to an electric car. good news!

  7. I bought one and took delivery in Dec in Honolulu. It has an 8 year, 100K warranty, then the battery will start to fade a little, but still great for my commute. A great car!

  8. 8 years/ 100,000 miles for battery warranty. I have an i Miev reserved. Will drive one within next 2 weeks. Looks like one rockin little EV! It is also a great looking vehicle, unlike some of the other EVs.

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