Monsanto Gets Protection, But Who Protects Us?

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Recently, President Obama signed the so-called “Monsanto Protection Act,” which will provide immunity to companies producing and selling genetically modified foods in the US. But in doing so, who is now protecting the rest of us from eating these frankenfoods for the rest of eternity?

Spending bill H.R. 933, which included this Section 735 biotech rider, requires the USDA to approve the growing and selling of GMO crops. This allows companies like Monsanto, the world’s largest biotech company, to avoid legal action and scientific review of its products. Know what that means? We won’t have any choice in what we eat, because as soon as GMO seeds and crops are released into the wild, eventually ALL food will be GMO. Eventually, there will no longer be anything organic or completely natural left, and there won’t be a damn thing you or I can do about it.

Thanks Obama.

Senator Mikulski, a Democrat from Maryland, allowed this biotech rider to be inserted into the bill (as she is the Chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee) without any Congressional oversight, and Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri is behind the language of H.R. 933. Blunt received $64,250 from Monsanto between 2008 and 2012, so we know why he was more than happy to write the bill this way. Of course, if anyone saw Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 911, a member of Congress said something along the lines of “You don’t expect us to read every bill that we vote on, do you?” so why should we be surprised? Members of Congress don’t read much of anything except lobbyist checks.

So now, Monsanto and other biotech companies are pretty much free to do whatever they want with our food. Between this and the fact that Monsanto is one of The Nature Conservancy’s biggest donors (and the company sits on TNC’s Business Council), Monsanto pretty much owns the future of our planet.

One expects a company like Monsanto to do what it needs to do to make money; but one may not expect the US Government to hand over our health to them while an “environmental” group pockets millions from them. Screwy, huh?

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