More Lead Paint Recalls On Products Made In China.


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Here we go again – more products made in China have been recalled due to lead paint issues. Although this is a separate issue, it kind of goes along with my post about forced child labor in India and China, as what expense are we willing to pay for the ability to get products for so cheap? This is one of them – potentially lethal lead paint on your child’s toys. Is that worth a cheap toy? No way.

From this past Sunday’s Los Angeles Times, here are the most recent recalls due to lead paint:

About 97,000 children’s toy gardening tools for Jo-Ann Stores.

80,000 baseball bobblehead cake decorations for DecoPac Inc.

198,000 Beary Cute, Expressions and Sassy & Chic children’s metal jewelry.

110,000 WeGlow children’s metal jewelry items

142,000 purple Halloween pails with witch decorations for Dollar Stores

And here are some from just yesterday, via Raw Story:

380,000 Galaxy Warriors figures

43,000 sets of plastic disguise teeth

16,000 sets of military-style Elite Operations action figures

1,500 Ribbit board games

“The latest round of recalls came amid calls for the resignation of CPSC chief, Nancy Nord, who has been accused by Democratic lawmakers of doing too little to stem the flow of dangerous toys from China into the United States. Nord, an appointee of President George W. Bush, has followed the Republican executive’s deregulatory line and stood firm against proposed legislation seeking to increase the CPSC’s authority and staff. The safety watchdog has one full-time toy tester, an expert report has said. “

If you have children, look through their toys to see if they have any of this stuff and get rid of it immediately. I am sure we will see more and more recalls, but of course we only find out about it if something happens to be tested. For us, we want our children to only use wood toys coated with non-toxic paints (or unfinished) or fabric ones made with organic materials. If you happen to be on the lookout for some great safe kids toys, you might want to check out Melissa & Doug’s stuff – it’s pretty cool wood toys that they take great care to make safe for kids. And if you are interested in always being up to date on any recalls, check out this post over at Raising 4 Boys.

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  1. Does anybody know whether those goat fur animals where spots and stripes are painted on the fur are safe? The paint they use isn’t lead, is it?

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