More proof of voter fraud, and guess who it favors?

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Well, we knew this was going to happen, but I didnt know it was going to start a week beforehand. Amazing. When is the media going to stand up and call them on this? From Crooks and Liars:

KFDM Beaumont, TX:

KFDM continues to get complaints from Jefferson County voters who say the electronic voting machines are not registering their votes correctly.
Friday night, KFDM reported about people who had cast straight Democratic ticket ballots, but the touch-screen machines indicated they had voted a straight Republican ticket.

Some of those voters including Lamar University professor, Dr. Bruce Drury, believe the problem is a programming error.

Saturday, KFDM spoke to another voter who says it’s not just happening with straight ticket voting, he says it’s happening on individual races as well, Jerry Stopher told us when he voted for a Democrat, the Republican’s name was highlighted.

This is bullshit. I cannot believe they are getting away with this.

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