Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012

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End Partisan Bullshit on Environmental Issues – The environment doesn’t belong to any particular political party, be it Democratic, Republican, or Independent. It is not the property of any corporation, even though companies like Monsanto like to think they can control it at will. It doesn’t care which team wins the game, it doesn’t pick favorites, and it doesn’t discriminate based on age, sex, religion, or sexual preference.

The Walmartization of America – “But it’s so cheap!” That’s the rationalization used by millions of consumers for spending a good chunk of their time wandering aimlessly around the lifeless aisles full of plastic goods at the country’s largest retailer, Walmart.

Monsanto Destroying Environment While On Nature Conservancy Leadership Council – Oh me oh my. Ironic? Oxymoronic? A bad idea? Not even really sure how to describe this relationship between one of the world’s largest environmental groups, The Nature Conservancy, and Monsanto, the leading GMO and biotech company.

Government Regulation, or The Lack of People Doing the Right Thing – Between crying that regulations violate some made-up constitutional rights or are preventing businesses from making money, it’s hard to get a word in edge-wise with folks who complain about a government infringing on personal rights while they are holding signs opposing gay marriage laws.

24 Things You Should Not Flush Down The Toilet – Using a toilet to dispose of trash is bad for many reasons: clogged toilets that require plumbers or replacement, damaged wastewater treatment centers (the cost of which gets passed on to utility customers), expensive cleanups, a waste of fresh water (up to 3 gallons per flush), higher water and utility bills, septic tanks and leaching fields that don’t work correctly, toxic environmental issues, and raw sewage overflows.

Be safe out there tonight and see you in 2013!

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