My Apartment Building Is Going Solar!


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I woke up this morning, stumbled to the kitchen for my groundwork organic free trade coffee, and made my way over to the front door to open it up for the cat. I caught a glimpse of a piece of paper stuck under my screen door and pulled it out from there, opening it as I lifted it up. I started reading.

Turns out we will be going solar sometime soon!

Although there is not enough room on the roof for enough panels to power every individual unit in the building, the solar panels will be used for all common areas…the courtyard lights, the washers and dryers, parking lot lights, etc. As an added bonus, my landlord is going to be changing out all “fixed” bulbs in each apartment with CFL bulbs. (Since I already did mine, I wonder if I can get a reduction in my rent?)

Seems that Solar Santa Monica came out and did an assessment of our apartment building and decided it would be a good project to demonstrate the viability of more solar use here in the city. I hope they get started right away!

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  1. Wow! Your apartment building is going solar! Do you mean San Monica, CA? Can move there too? I live on the second floor of an apartment building in a nice rural area in Southern California. My landlord is a nice older gentleman, who keeps the maintence at a minimum, but in exchange we get to “afford” to live in a nice area. I love living here, there are so many beautiful reminders of the “country style living” I was raised in. However, this old apartment building has no insulation what-so-ever and I am proned to heat sickness. Each year I receive a power bill which is painful to look at, during the summer months. Plus, I know, I am contributing to environmental decay. But what choice do I have? This second floor apartment easy reaches 100 degrees with little or effort.

    I will check the new show on PBS. The more people know and are commended to for doing good acts, the more others will want do the same because good is infectious. What can I say; “you” are in a very fortuate situation and thank you for letting us know.

    p.s.-I have a video camera; if your landlord wouldn’t mind…I would tape it.

  2. Thats fantastic! I love that so many housing areas and businesses are starting to take a pro-environment stance. I just recently noticed that my host (Dreamhost) became carbon neutral. It’s good for the environment and it will probably benefit their bottom line greatly, win-win!

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