My New “Real Deal” Hat Made Of Recycled Tarps From Brazil.

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The people over at The Real Deal Brazil were kind enough to send me a sample of their “Tarp Hat”, which is made from recycled tarps of Brazilian cargo trucks – pretty cool, right?


Now I just need to go camping or on a hike! My old hat I used to wear to go camping is quite gnarly, so this hat came right in time. It fits perfectly, seems really sturdy, and according to the wife, looks pretty cool. According to the Real Deal Brazil website, this hat:

The Real Deal is made in Brazil of recycled canvas tarpaulins from cargo trucks used for transporting goods. Every hat is truly one of a kind as no two are the same. Each hat has its own unique character. Made from various colors of tarp, these hats may have patches, seams, holes, or even Portuguese writing. These hats are hand sewn by Brazilian villagers and reflect the true craftsmanship of the locals. Because the tarpaulins were designed to protect its contents from the rough elements in Brazil, they make perfect covers to shield your cabeça (that’s head in Portuguese) from the hot summer sun. Every characteristic of The Real Deal tells a story of its prior life lived as a lonely truck tarp and reveals its journeys through the harsh elements in equatorial Brazil.

If you are in need of a hat, I would suggest you guys give them a look. They are really nice and very helpful – and the hat is only $29! You can even choose the size, the color, if you want “badges” from the old tarps on your hat, etc.. Real Deal Brazil.

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  1. Your hat is awesome! It’s really amazing how many thinks you can make from recycled materials. You never think of them until someone just “does it”? And products that are cool, original and sustainable are incredibly important because no one is going to buying if it’s not attractive, green or not. I work at a design college and the longer I work here, the more I see that little changes in design and, thus, functionality, really add to the major global changes that need to happen. The college I work for, Art Center, has a lot of students who work on creating new products with greener, smarter design. Plus, this year the school is hosting a major event called “Disruptive Thinking,” which will bring together “disruptive” thinkers who challenge the status quo and demand new modes of creativity in areas that influence every aspect of our lives: climate change, geopolitics, business, science, and most importantly design. If you’re interested in it, here’s a link to the blog:

  2. I have one and buying another for a gift. This is a really cool hat, easy to throw on and just take off and if you sit on it or it gets a little wet no big deal.

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