My New Simple Shoes Made From Organic Cotton & Recycled Rubber.


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As long-time readers might already know, every pair of sneakers I have owned in the last several years has been made by Simple Shoes. My last pair finally bit the dust a few weeks ago so it was time to order another, and this time I bought the TUBA from the “Eco-Sneaks” line and I could not be happier with them. Made from organic cotton, recycled inner-tubes, recycled PET (plastic soda bottles), and recycled car tires, they are a vegan shoe that is shipped in recycled packaging printed with soy-based inks. Cool, right? I have even had a few people stop me on the street and ask about them, which is always a good sign.

I have had great experiences with all the different shoes I have ordered from Simple, and just the fact that they are made from organic and recycled materials makes me want to continue supporting them. If you need new shoes, I recommend these guys…

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    1. About 2 years of almost daily use and wear. I wish they took them back too, gonna find a place that will recycle them into playground equipment….

  1. I know Nike has a decent shoe recycling program. Here is a link to their Reuse-a-shoe Program info and guidelines. They accept various brands.

    Also, donating your shoes, even if they are in highly worn-down shape, is still an option. There is a whole recycling industry that supports post-consumer collectors and takes shoes in both wanted and unwanted shape to be resold or broken down.

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