My New Solar Cellphone And iPod Charger From Solar Style.

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A few months ago I ordered and received my new solar powered cellphone and iPod charger and I forgot to mention it here. Although it normally resides in our emergency “bug out bag” for earthquakes and the like, I take it out at least once a week to charge up my Treo without having to pay the electric company anything. It works beautifully and always fully charges my phone to full capacity within a few hours of sitting on the windowsill.

I am thinking of ordering another one that I can leave in the window 24/7 so I never have to plug my phone into an outlet and can always charge it for free. Having one in the emergency kit makes me feel good because in case I need to leave my house and cannot find anywhere to stay, at least I will always have my phone charged up and ready for use, so I don’t want to keep it out of the bag all the time.

The charger came with a whole bunch of adapters, so my Treo, my wife’s little cheapy phone and my iPod can all be hooked up to it, and it also came with a plug to plug it into a regular outlet “just in case”. Anyway, I would recommend getting one of these to anyone, even if it is just for your emergency bag…which if you live in California you already have….right?

You can get them over here at Solar Style and the one I bought is right here.

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