Natural Allergy Remedies


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I’ve heard on the news several times within the past few weeks that this is going to be a doozy of an allergy season for sufferers. Indeed, this past week has been remarkably rough for me – constant sneezing, congestion, runny nose, and serious fatigue. Because I suffer from year-round allergies, I take a daily over-the-counter anti-histamine tablet. And when things get especially bad, I add 12-hour pseudoephedrine to the mix. Unfortunately, my symptoms were so bad this week, I had to resort to Benadryl, which brings me relief, but also knocks me out stone cold. It’s tough to be a productive member of society when you are essentially hiding from your allergies via a self-induced coma.

My experiences of this past week have encouraged me to research homeopathic seasonal allergy remedies in hopes that I can find some relief while still being able to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Here are some natural allergy remedies for getting your seasonal allergies under control.

neti pot

Neti Pot: I’ve had some success with saline nasal rinses in the past, but usually I’m too congested to use a neti pot. There has to be some airflow through your nasal passages in order to allow the solution to flow from one side of your nose and out the other, rinsing pollen and other irritants from the nose. The neti pot is even recommended by American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology for allergy sufferers. Be sure to always use distilled or boiled water when using the neti pot to avoid infection.

Acupuncture: This ancient Chinese medical practice is based on the thought that stimulating points outside of the body can change or initiate reactions inside. Treatment is thought to affect the immune system, which is where allergic reactions originate. A recent study has shown that people who went for weekly acupuncture treatments had significantly fewer problems breathing than their counterparts who did not receive treatment. However, benefits were shown to stop once treatment was discontinued. Acupuncture can be pricey, so if this option interests you, see if there is a community acupuncture clinic in your area. These clinics provide treatment at a fraction of the price charged by private providers.

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  1. The neti pot has changed my life when it comes to allergies. Warm water and the salt mixture and 60 seconds later, I’m done! The differences is obvious if I skip a few treatments (I can usually notice after missing one during allergy season).

    CostCo has great prices on the 250 count packs of the salts (at my CostCo it’s $15.99 a few times a year, normally $18.99?) and it comes with 2 of the squeeze bottles and some kind of saline spray/mister. Some people don’t buy the packets and just use non-iodized salt and some add some baking soda (I’ve seem people make it 0-50% baking soda, I do about 25%).

    I bounce between the gravy boat kind (in the photo) and the squeeze bottle kind.

  2. Another one that’s been of great help to my partner: the NeilMed sinus rinser. A little less awkward than a Netipot. Also, no need to buy the prepackaged solution: just mix baking soda, salt and distilled water.

  3. Hi, Amanda — allergies can really be tough. Including those that you mentioned, I suggest that people with severe allergies especially find a good herbalist who will work with them to holistically reduce allergy symptoms and who knows? perhaps get rid of those allergies altogether. Certainly there are better natural remedies than OTC drugs. Hope you find some relief!


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