Natural Gas Outreach Organizer of Sierra Club States That Fracking Can Be ‘Done Right’

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The natural gas outreach organizer of West Virginia’s Sierra Club, Chuck Wyrostok, believes that hydraulic facturing – fracking – can be “done right,” even while saying it can’t be done safely. So it can be done right, even if it’s not safe? I’m confused.

Instead of fully opposing the natural gas drilling method that destroys the environment, they wish to ensure that “natural gas extraction is effectively regulated and that the industry employs the safest and most environmentally sound techniques” through its Marcellus Shale Gas Campaign. So much for being an environmental group anymore; now they just want to make sure the nice oil companies destroy the Earth cleanly.

Video – Sierra Club: Big Fracking Hypocrites!

Between 2007 and 2010, the then Sierra Club director Michael Brune accepted $26 million in donations from Chesapeake Energy, a major energy company involved with fracking. And in 2010, the energy company’s chief executive, Aubrey McClendon, toured the country with Sierra Club’s Carl Pope trumpeting the benefits of natural gas.

Anyone else see all that money buying at least a little support for dirty oil?

First we discover that The Nature Conservancy takes millions from Monsanto each year and now the Sierra Club supports fracking. What’s next? Will the NRDC support oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico?

I stopped supporting the Sierra Club back in 2008 and continue that practice today. Between partnering with Clorox, sending millions of packets of junk mail and cheap Chinese-made toys, and supporting the idea that fracking can be “done right” (even in the face of evidence that it cannot), the Sierra Club is just another NGO that has sold out for the big bucks. Sadly, some the groups who once defended our environment from certain destruction are now only contributing to its demise in exchange for a dollar.

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  1. oh NO, no, no, no. I’m sorry. We are not headed in the right direction with fracking. uh-uh. We have Hydro, Sun, Hemp, Quantum energy, zero point, nikolai tesla’s technologies, wind energy to name a few. This is just a money making plow that ALSO harms the environment, aka; Humans.

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