Nature Is Speaking – Well Known Actors Give Humans A Good Telling Off!


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Conservation International has created a set of eight fascinating short videos, each taking the perspective of an essential element of our planet, necessary for human survival. Narrated by well known celebrities, who pull no punches in their words, they make for quite unnerving viewing! They want us to remember that Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.

  • Mother Nature warns that she has starved species greater than us, asking if we are prepared to evolve.
  • We get to hear exactly what The Ocean thinks of us. We poison him and then expect to be fed by him.
  • We are given an insight into how The Rainforest is looking forward to watching how Humans plan on making air without him.
  • Soil reminds us that without him humans could not exist, yet we treat him like dirt.
  • The Water is wondering if she will be the cause of war in years to come, when we can no longer find her as our populations rise and we continue to poison our supplies.
  • The Redwood described how all hell broke lose when humans arrived. How we do not understand that we are part of nature rather than simply using nature.
  • The Coral Reef reminds us of his essential functions – asking that we stop killing him.
  • The Flower mocks us for worshipping her looks without taking account of her power to feed us.

This is a unique way of passing the vitally important message of conservation to those who may be too complacent to see the bigger picture. The background images show our beautiful vibrant planet, but the words are juxtaposed to jolt us into the reality that it is incredibly vulnerable. We are the cause of nature’s potential demise and we will suffer unimaginable consequences if we do not change our behaviour urgently.

Watch the clips here below.

Julia Roberts is Mother Nature

Harrison Ford is The Ocean

Kevin Spacey is The Rainforest

Edward Norton is The Soil

Penelope Cruz is Water

Robert Redford is a Redwood

Ian Somerhalder is The Coral Reef

Lupila Nyong’o is a Flower

They are remarkable short clips that pack a punch! I would love to hear your opinion on them. I think they are very clever and certainly unique in their presentation.

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  1. The only video I had seen previously was Mother Nature with Julia Roberts. It really hit a cord with those who deny climate change causing them to talk out about the video which I think only got it more attention. I don’t normally take the time to watch videos on blogs but had to watch each of these. I think they are great and hope they get played often, hopefully causing a few to stop and think about their choices and our reliance on nature.

    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed them. I would not usually post so many videos on a single post, but agree with you that I feel they must be seen! Such a great way to present these issues.

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