Need A Little Help Finding Natural Organic Cruelty Free Makeup.


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Well, not for me so much as for my wife. She has been trying to find makeup that is all natural (or at least close to all natural) that is not tested on animals and she is not having a lot of luck with it. She has tried the natural food stores and even our local food Co-op, but has not found something she is happy with yet. We have managed to find most other products we need, but not this…So this question is for you ladies out there (or gents, I don’t discriminate)…Where can she find and what is the brand name of any organic and natural makeup that you are happy with? She would really appreciate some assistance in finding something good, even if she has to order it online. She has been hesitant to do so because without trying it, you just don’t know how good it is, but with a recommendation from you guys she might be able to.

So back to you…any ideas?

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  1. Have you tried Burt’s Bees? I’ve only used their lipsticks, but they have other items like eye shadow and foundation. The lipstick is great. It doesn’t dry out my lips. I do have to re-apply it more often because it lacks the ingredients that makes it stay all day (which tend to be not good for me anyway), but I don’t mind that so much. Try .

    Around here, I can find it at the organic grocery and even at some hardware stores and book stores! They are a little more expensive than some drug store cosmetics, but I think they are cheaper than Mary Kay and department store brands.

    Good luck in the search.

  2. I agree with Burts Bees they are by far the best. I have been using their tinted moisturizer for years it is far better than commercial foundations, it feels beautiful. I also like Honey Bee Gardens’ lipsticks which I also use as a rouge and shadow, No Miss (as natural as you can get at the moment) nail polish, and V’tae lip stains. Fresh-Honey here is Maine makes great bath products but I think they’re only selling locally at the moment.

  3. As far as I know the only company in the world providing a range of cosmetic and skin-care products certified organic to food-grade standard is Miessence – an Australian company started by a woman in her garage about five years ago and now rapidly expanding world-wide. See for more information.

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