Need Your Vote! I Am Nominated For A ‘Best Of Green Award’.


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If you care about me at all, you will support me for this award. OK, I am kidding, but in reality I would love your vote over at the Best of Green Awards from Treehugger. I was nominated in the Culture & Celebrity category for Best Ambassador of Environmental Culture against 3 other fantastic “greenies” so if you have a second to vote, I would certainly appreciate it. Oh, and you can vote once a day until April 2, 2010 so please do so if you can.

I would appreciate it if you could help me out and vote for me!

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  1. Our vote is in..we love your article…the brick wall and head..yep we are there. Sadly the city won’t put a recycle bin in our alley…so we shlep it to the recycle center…talk about pain…I’m working on the downtown city of Phx…I wanted to make a big scene at the Waste Managements sponsorship of the use to be FBR golf tournament…but not sure I had the right blame them it’s the city that I have to bug!

  2. Voted! And congrats on your nomination. You’re all winners to us.

    Ramblin’ Midnight Owl
    The One Who Never Sleeps

  3. Does the Government, at least, offer us an option to do the Census on the Internet. But than they wouldn’t be able to hire the telemarketing firm to send out the junk mail in advance, and the final Census following mailing. They also need to keep the post office in business and all the Census takers that they hire. All not necessary in the 21st century… or am I over simplifying things? I know that not everyone has a computer and Internet access.

  4. I vote for Dave! I read the Good Human everyday and usually find something good to think about, share with others or change in my life. I like that it’s short,sweet and a wealth of info, especially like the info about ” Greenwashing” so many people fall for that, then you explain it to them and they go “Ah”. 🙂

  5. Happy to vote for you…with all my gratitude for opening our eyes to those whose specialty is to blind us with their deceiving claims. Thank you!

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