New Advertisements Pour Bleach On Children.


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Ok, not exactly. But has anyone else seen these ads on television from a very well known company that sells bleach that shows parents basically rubbing bleach all over their house to clean up after their kids? The ads show a mom wiping things down after a kid plays with a frog and shows a parent cleaning a tub with bleach and then dropping their kid in the tub. What gives? Since when do bleach and young children go hand in hand?

I would think that everyone knows the dangers of bleach by now. If you do not, here is a quick rundown:
*Production and use releases dioxin, furans and other organochlorines into the air
*Studies have shown a relationship between dioxin exposure and cancer, birth defects, and developmental/reproductive disorders
*Skin or eye exposure produces local burning and irritation
*Inhaling the fumes may lead to sore throat, cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath, along with fluid in the lungs
*Ingesting household bleach can cause oral, esophageal and gastric burns as well as produce nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain

Fun for kids, right? Let’s pour this stuff all over the house! Wash them in it, it’s OK, it’s just bleach!

Also, bleach produces dangerous chlorine gas if mixed with an acid a regular tub cleaner. You better not have just cleaned the tub with something like a toilet cleaner or you might end up dead or seriously ill.

OK, so what are you supposed to use? Well, we use hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, baking soda and the like to clean tough stains. And for the rest of the house we use biodegradable cleaners from Seventh Generation. As for laundry, you can use Oxyclean or something like that that does not contain bleach.

I know we all grew up with big bottles of bleach in our house but times change..and it is time to get with the program. Bleach is bad for you and for the environment. If you are using it, you should look into alternatives that are not as dangerous. And if you have children, please do not clean your house and your children with bleach, like the ads portend that you need to do. There is no need for it and why put your children in danger?

In case you couldn’t tell, those ads piss me off every time I see them and I start yelling at the television. I need to start turning the TV off when they come on because if I see one more kid getting dipped in a freshly bleached bathtub….

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  1. Not only is the bleach directly harmful, but it’s harmful in that it kills everything it comes into contact with, therefore creating too clean and environment for children. They then don’t build up any resistance to germs, so spend more time ill! It REALLY annoys me when ads come on saying how clean we should be keeping the house – what’s wrong with a bit of good old fashioned dirt? (I’m not saying live in dirt and grime, but there is a compromise)

  2. I know, I wish more people would realize that dirt is good for us…our immune systems need to be fought once in a while in order to be strong!

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