New Site Lets You Buy Credits To INCREASE Your CO2 Ouput.

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In the category of What The Hell, a new site called CarbonDeductions allows you to INCREASE your carbon emissions. Yep, they let you buy credits that go towards cutting down trees from grasslands, and their goal is to offset all of Al Gore’s “meaningless” carbon credits. What in the world is going on in these people’s heads? Are they that sick and twisted to think its a good idea to cut down more trees just to offset the credits that you or someone else is buying in order to reduce your emissions?


Yes, they are that sick and twisted.

They are selling T-Shirts that say “My carbon footprint is bigger than yours” and “I increased my carbon footprint”. And yes, I am serious.

“The guilt and shame that caused people to buy Carbon Credits in the first place will be placed back on them as we let them know that their actions caused us to nullify their credits. They are the cause of us killing trees; they need to face up to their guilt.”

Um….I don’t even know what to say really other than these are probably the same people that need to drive a giant SUV in order to feel manly or strong. Too bad they think that poorly of themselves.

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  1. I think it’s great. Everyone knows that the carbon offset scheme is a joke (or at least should). It’s a way for high polluters to feel good about their pollution. Maybe Mr. Gore needs to consider a smaller home or giving up private jets.

    It’s a great tongue in cheek commentary on the “offset” mentality, where someone pays money to pollute. Think about it: this system allows someone in a Hummer and a large bank account to “buy” their way out of being socially responsible. How about planing trees AND ditching the Hummer, because it’s the right thing to do, not so you feel like you aren’t polluting.

    A ton of CO2 is still a ton of CO2, any way you slice it.

  2. Wow… Just wow… While I agree wholeheartedly with Niobrara’s views about the importance of making good choices from top to bottom rather than buying yourself some peace of mind, I still can’t fathom this.

  3. Niobrara – Do you actually think its GREAT? Because um…really? I agree that people should not feel OK with buying their pollution back, but anything helps. What about the people that buy the offsets that are not doing so because they want to own a Hummer? We own 1 car and a bike, yet I can still buy offsets. Should I not bother and instead have trees cut down in my name?

    And yea, Nickel, we should not be able to buy piece of mind…its not really the way past this stuff. But still, I cannot believe someone has come up with this…

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