Non-Violent Communication

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Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing, and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.

Today I would like to share my interpretation of this three hour video on NonViolent Communication, hosted by Marshall Rosenberg. It is a workshop that has been filmed where he intends to “Help you learn what you already know how to do… but forget … because we’ve been educated to forget.”

Marshall identifies that we are stuck in a perpetual negative cycle. “Even though we could be playing the game, ‘Make Life Wonderful,’ we have been educated to play another game: ‘Who’s Right?’”

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It seems that even when we think we are behaving in a way that meets our needs and those of our loved ones we could actually be doing more harm than good. Marshall characterises the traits of individuals playing the ‘who’s right?’ game as jackals, and those that can express directly from their heart as giraffes. We are born as giraffes, but many individuals soon become jackals, even if they do not realise it.

The video offers suggestions of how we can of interact with each other in ‘authentic, effective, and powerful ways, aligned with our values for the change we want to see in the world’.

When our communication supports compassionate giving and receiving, happiness replaces violence and grieving!
– CNVC founder, Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD

The Center for Nonviolent Communication pursues the vision of a world in which
• everyone values everyone’s basic human needs and lives from a consciousness that connects with the universal life energy and natural oneness of all life
• where every individual embraces self compassion
• where people joyfully and compassionately contribute to each other and resolve conflicts peacefully
• where the systems and structures we create in economics, education, justice, healthcare, peace-keeping and other areas across our global interdependent community reflect that consciousness and evaluate their actions against their contribution to life and the human needs they ultimately serve

So this is what we can hope to achieve by living with Nonviolent Communication Values. But how can we live this way, especially when those around us are still playing the ‘who’s right?’ game. First it is important to understand why we move from the energy of living as ‘giraffes’.

How do we become jackals?

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