Nurses To Launch ‘Scrubs For SICKO’ Campaign For Better Health Care.

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It seems only fitting that the nurses themselves have to lead the charge instead of our government, but as of yesterday a coalition of nurses have started a campaign to hand out information to moviegoers about the state of our health care system and what we all can do about it. From

“Planning to spark a fundamental change in national healthcare politics, an unprecedented national coalition of nurses and doctors organizations today announced plans to rally around the openings of Michael Moore’s “SiCKO” June 29 to press the campaign for single-payer healthcare, guaranteeing comprehensive, quality healthcare with an expanded and improved Medicare for all.”

After seeing the movie, I can tell you that this is not your typical Michael Moore movie…even though I happen to like the typical Michael Moore movie. This one really digs deep into the troubles inside the American health care system and shows us just what goes on in this country, which is something that most of us (luckily) never experience. So instead of wasting your money on the latest CGI blockbuster, drop a few bucks on this one and see what I am talking about. You will not be disappointed and the movie will both make you laugh and make you cry. Just the way our government has treated the 9/11 workers is incredibly shameful, never mind the stories of regular old Americans torn apart by our government and our health care industry. Our system is corrupt and dangerous and something has to be done about it. Kudos to the nurses and doctors for starting up this Scrubs For SICKO campaign, I hope it does some good.

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  1. Sicko is an enlightening and thought provoking film! In it, Moore does a fantastic job of exposing the shortcomings and downright failures of our system…
    But did you know that there is already a Bill in the House that proposes a solution? Its called HR676: National Health Insurance Act and 70+ Reps have already signed on to it!
    Go here: to ask your rep to support this revolutionary legislation!
    HR676 may not be the ultimate final answer to this massive problem, but we need to push Congress to continue the dialogue on this issue now!

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