Obama Supporters Are All Latte-Drinking, Prius-Driving, Birkenstock-Wearing Trust-Fund Babies.


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Huh? Well, so says big-time Clinton supporter and surrogate speaker Tom Buffenbarger, president of the machinists’ union (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers). From MSNBC:

But it was Obama supporters for whom Buffenbarger saved his most vitriolic contempt, and he proved that the Democratic Party’s coalition is nothing if not fragile. Channeling Howard Beale from the movie “Network,” he yelled into the microphone, “Give me a break! I’ve got news for all the latte-drinking, Prius- driving, Birkenstock-wearing, trust fund babies crowding in to hear him speak! This guy won’t last a round against the Republican attack machine. He’s a poet, not a fighter.”

Watch the video:

Hmm…OK, you got me, I do like lattes. I don’t drive a Prius, but not that I wouldn’t. I have never owned or worn Birkenstocks, and I am not a trust-fund baby (that I know of…am I, Mom?). So why am I supporting Obama for President? Because I am tired of this kind of crap, which has infected the last 8 years of politics, from Congress to the White House. Strange how a Clinton supporter talked mostly about Obama and barely about Clinton, isn’t it? I hope he got a gold star from the Clinton camp for being such a good surrogate speaker! It doesn’t seem too wise to send your lapdogs out to bash the other candidate and all of his supporters, when it’s pretty obvious that the target of your attack is going to end up being the nominee for President if things continue to go the way they have been. Combine that along with providing fodder for the Republicans to use against him when the time comes to do so – pure brilliance, dear Clinton camp!

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  1. Well if they had Simple Shoes, they almost would have had me. 🙂

    Tim- which Subaru do you own? We are contemplating getting an Outback.

    I agree 100% Brip Blap – even my father would be voting for Obama if he was alive; the alternatives are scary.

  2. Hey, I was a registered Republican until 2002 and __I__ voted for Obama a few weeks ago – and will again in the general election… and I voted for McCain in the republican primary 8 years ago. I don’t know where this guy got his information from, but I still hope that America is ready for a guy who is selling hope, not fear. Obama all the way. I am so tired of Bushes and Clintons. Let’s have some new people.

  3. 1. I drink lattes because I like the taste of strong coffee, especially with bacon and eggs.
    2. I drive a Subaru that kicks a** in the snow. When Subaru makes an all-wheel drive with a hybrid engine, I’ll get one and take it to go fishing and to baseball games.
    3. I own Birkenstocks, but I wear them with Carhartts.
    4. I have no trust for funds.

    In terms of political strategy, this is fairly typical (although it has been somewhat pleasantly absent in the current Dem. campaign). Next time you see/hear an ‘attack ad’ notice that the attack will come from the mouth of a narrator or as words on a screen, and not from the mouth of the actual candidate. This is a good way of criticizing another candidate or their platform without actually criticizing them. The Clinton campaign could always brush Buffenbarger off as a bit of a loose cannon (and then pat him on the back after the curtain drops).

  4. Preach on brother! I’m glad everyone is starting seeing the light! And you know that I drive about the exact opposite of a Prius. (Sorry) Obama ’08!

  5. Subaru Outback. It is the second one I’ve owned. I still have not found a car that performs as well in the snow as my Suby, and gets decent gas mileage ( and is priced like a Suby). I actually know some people that pull a fuse in the summertime to make the all-wheel drive Subaru a front-wheel drive Subaru and therefore get better mileage. I’m not sure if you can still do that on the newer ones. But as it is, I get somewhere between 27-32 mph depending upon wind conditions, mountain driving, etc. Not great, but not terrible. I really hope the Subaru engineers are trying to figure out how to make an AWD hybrid but the last thing I heard is that any chance of that is still several years out.

    I was trying to point out that Obama supporters (or anyone’s supporters for that matter) do not fit into neat little stereotypical boxes. The Subaru part of my response kind of blew my whole premise. But I think the Latte + Bacon and eggs makes the point pretty well.

  6. Yea, I do wish they made a hybrid AWD – but the only ones are the Lexus and the Ford SUV’s, both of which I don’t want. Our Mini is a great car, but it is not going to fair too well in the mountains and/or with a kid!

  7. Unfortunately, all she cares about is the power, not us or the process. “Who cares if something like 65% of the people want Obama, the superdelegates can still elect me instead…hahahha, there is no will of the people!”

    Sorry, what was I saying? 😉

  8. Really, and if mr and mrs clinton believed in the cause more than they wished for the power they’d throw in the towel and get behind the momentum already. So tired of this crap.

  9. Scary….we’ve seen Hillary live and in action…and do you notice her surrogates act just like her? Is this the people we want near our whitehouse? And quite frankly, some of these elected officials have shown their true colors in this campaign…and I think it time for the voters to vote them out too!

  10. Well,

    I guess I had better place my orders:
    -1 pair of Birkenstocks (size 8 1/2, please)
    -1 Prius (green please)
    -1 Decaf Grande White Chocolate Mocha
    -And 1 Trust fund PLEASE

    I do wish to be an accurate representation of an Obama supporter!!!!
    OBAMA ’08

  11. do you think they reviewed his speech before he gave it?

    I don’t own birkenstocks, or drink latte, or drive a Prius – but I am a green minded independent who fully supports Obama!

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