Obama’s New Oil Drilling Plan Won’t Amount To Anything Other Than Disaster.


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And of course, more oil spills in the gulf or oil tankers running aground. And who couldn’t use more of those, right? I mean, why not open up 167 million acres of ocean from Delaware to Florida to extract oil from…even if you said you weren’t interested in doing that when you were running for President? But President Obama has a much different idea than candidate Obama did:

It would have long term consequences for our coastlines but no short term benefits, because it would take at least 10 years to get any oil. Well the politics may have changed, but the facts haven’t.

So, let’s hear it for more drilling that might take us 10-12 years to see a drop of oil from, will only provide about 3 years worth of the oil we consume at current rates (if anything at all), won’t do a thing to get us off foreign oil at all, could lead to more oil spills and environmental disasters (one major east coast hurricane would be an eco-nightmare), and will only serve to slow down research into energy alternatives at the Federal level.

As the NRDC said; “We need comprehensive solutions for America’s clean energy future — and more offshore drilling in our oceans does not fit in that picture. Offshore drilling carries significant environmental risks without truly increasing our energy independence. There are many areas that are just too sensitive for offshore drilling, which threatens our oceans, sea life and coastal communities; including economic interests in these areas. America has better solutions than to drill in our pristine waters — which needs more research and investigation — and we should be pursuing these options.”

Amen to that. This is not change I can believe in. Do we really need even more of this?

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  1. Of course we normally pay for it up front, and occasionally the government gets some of the money back in lawsuits. In this case, Obama has seriously let me down too. I really thought Sarah Palin hadn’t won the Presidency, but I am kinda wondering now. 😉

  2. Earlier this week we were discussing how the big oil companies, like Exxon, didn’t pay any US taxes in 2009. But isn’t it true that when there is a spill that they refuse to clean it up and that the taxpayers usually pay for it? I guess my point here is that even if there were any sort of benefit to this drilling, it would end up costing us more than it was worth for so many reasons.

    I am beyond angry at Obama. I don’t like being made a fool of.

  3. I don’t think Obama intended to back down on his promise in the beginning. I suspect he got into office and was woken up to the very real global energy crisis that is looming on the horizon and is now convinced that the only viable choice is to drill drill drill.

    Trouble is that he’s only buying us time before the crisis turns critical.

    What I’d like to see now from our leaders is a backbone to stand up and speak the truth that we the people must change our ways and find a way to live sustainably.

    But at the end of the day I don’t think we should be looking to Washington or an central power for leadership. I think the solution must come from us… the trouble is… how do we get humanity to embrace the simple idea of being a good human?

    I for one will keep making noise by blogging, writing, and designing small houses until the plug gets pulled.

  4. I have been thinking about this, too. I initial reaction was that anger and a feeling of betrayal. Then I thought about it. We Americans use a lot of oil. Even those of us who try to be responsible consumers and stewards of our resources use more than we should. It may be elitist and irresponsible of us to keep using the amount of oil we do without jeopardizing our own shorelines. It’s easier to pay lipservice to “clean” energy if we’re still buying oil from somewhere else. But when the drilling has a negative impact here at home, cleaning up our act may become more important to us. Maybe it will take this wakeup call to get us to seriously curb our use of energy from non-renewable sources.

  5. Obama is just another politician. I will never understand how can anyone put any sort of hopes into a leader that shuns modesty as if it were a plague. Are those who serve people supposed to live in luxury like Roman patricians? How can such person honestly care about the well being of us and above all the planet? Politicians only care about getting elected (if the planet and animals were voters I guess they would pretend to care for them too) As long as people cling to their conveniences and comforts they will keep their heads buried in sand complaisant with status quo. That’s how only democrats, and republicans financed by oil magnates get to share power and control everything.

  6. “That”™s how only democrats, and republicans financed by oil magnates get to share power and control everything.”


    The only way this is going to get any better is if we the people get back on the ball and turn this country back into a democracy.

    Washington (all of them) are interested in stability but at the costs associated with supporting the power structures currently in place because it’s all they think will work.

    The other thing that could solve this bigger problem is the people. The trouble, as you point out Adriana, is that the vast majority “cling to their conveniences and comforts they will keep their heads buried in sand complaisant with status quo”.

    The people must be woken up.

    David is right. Drilling offshore IS MOST DEFINITELY going to be a disaster. We also can’t hope Obama or any politician is going to fix the problem because they think the problem is an unstable economy (aka patching up the world largest pyramid scheme).

    The only truly viable long term option is to stop praying to the gods of GDP and start living in balance with the life around us. That will mean big lifestyle changes but we’re clever critters… we can have our whole grain bread and eat it too.

    (stepping off my stump now 🙂

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