Occupy Monsanto Actions Planned For Week Of Sept 17

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Monsanto, everyone’s favorite biotech GMO conglomerate (including The Nature Conservancys, who loves their money!), is about to face a week of protests in 60 different locations.

The Occupy Monsanto movement has announced plans today to protest the company and inform voters and citizens of the dangers of GMO food and seeds.

There is something wrong when a chemical manufacturer, the same company who made Agent Orange, controls the US food supply,” says Jaye Crawford, a member of the Genetic Crimes Unit in Atlanta, Georgia that has planned a week of events.

occupy monsanto

Occupy Monsanto means to confront the industrial agriculture system head-on. Some protests could result in widespread arrests of people who choose to engage in non-violent civil disobedience. Occupy Monsanto protests will feature costumes made of bio-hazmat protective gear that can also protect against pepper spray from police who have routinely attacked occupy protests in the past year.

Monsanto is quite possibly the most dangerous and destructive company on earth right now, playing with our food supply and thus our health all in the name of enormous profits. We need to speak up against them before it’s too late to revert back to natural foods.

Want to take part in the protests? Here is some information on the protests, including dates and locations.

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