Off To Chicago By Amtrak.

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Well, we are off on our grand adventure today from Los Angeles to Chicago by rail…Here is our route:


Aren’t you jealous? We have our bedroom with 2 bunks and our books and snacks and we are ready to go. And think of the lower carbon emissions – 1,500kg of CO2 for flying versus under 150kg by train! This is definitely a slower way to travel, but anything that keeps me out of the airports at holiday time is a good thing. I could use to slow down a bit anyway, and this will force me to do so for at least a few days.

The blog will still be somewhat active while I am gone, but probably not as much as normal – I mean, it is the holidays and I know you guys have better things to do than read blog entries, right? Either way, wish us luck and I will share my train experience when we get back!

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  1. so jealous! we did a cross-country train trip this summer–charleston (WV) to chicago to glacier park to portland (OR). it’s the absolute best way to relax and see the country. the flight back was a major pain in comparison. i wish accommodations (sleeping compartments, etc) on the train were more affordable, though.

    bon voyage!

  2. Thanks Maria – yea, they are a little pricey, but I did find out that they are cheaper when it’s not a holiday, if that makes any difference…

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