Oil Spill Vs. Wind Spill Vs. Sun Spill.


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You be the judge – which of these energy sources should we be focusing the bulk of our monies and attention on?

This is what happens when an oil spill occurs.

During a wind spill, dogs sometimes have their fur blown around.

And this here shows the danger of what happens when the sun spills on the earth.

Personally, I would go for wind and sun, but maybe that’s just me…

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  1. I actually had nukes in the first draft! But finding an effective picture was difficult without getting TOO graphic, sadly.

  2. I came across a following post on the New York Times article (BP Moves to Fix a Leak as Obama Warns of Damage)
    “Compared to how oil benefits our economy, this is a small price to pay. Oil heats our schools and makes our medicines. We can’t shoot ourselves in the foot just because a few fish die. Conservative like me understand this. Liberals want us to go back to living in caves and dying of simple infections. This is the world that we have made. Learn to love it.”

    This comment epitomizes the warped mindset of our shortsighted ignorant society. We wouldn’t need all this energy if we didn’t waste it. Schools, offices, homes etc are overheated and overcooled. No one will convince me that we need more oil or that we face energy shortages as long as people continue to waste.

  3. apples and oranges, really…..
    the wind and the sun will never, ever take the place of oil…that said – i do agree that energy from oil and nuclear sources are maniacal and can only lead to these type of disasters.

  4. Hahahahahahaha…

    Nuclear power plants are much maligned, but they’re not anywhere near as dangerous as most people think they are. Solar, wind and wave power are even better than nuclear though.

    1. Until they stop working correctly, or you have to be the one to store spent nuke rods in your backyard. Then, not so safe. 🙂

  5. Here at SolarUK we are particularly enthusiastic about solar energy, as you would guess. Here in the UK, in the run-up to Thursday’s General Election, Gordon Brown revealed that he is a fan too. In a Sky News live leaders’ debate he said that he chose solar thermal over a wind turbine as a renewable energy installation at his Scottish home. He seems to be very pleased with it, saying it’s the environmentally-friendly way to heat water, and recommends it to anyone who is in a position to do likewise.

  6. You left the best option off the list, and that nuclear.

    The problem with sun and wind is that the source of the energy needs to be innefeciently transmitted to the cities/burbs. Also oil is used for fuel in vehicles further oil is also used in everything from plastics to pharmaceuticals to clothing.

    The best option is nuclear because it is much more reliable than wind or solar and IS cleaner than oil or coal or nat gas.

    With nuclear you just need to reprocess the waste like the reactors in France do.

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