“On Begley Street” – Kickstarter Project Covering Greenest Home in USA

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Chances are you know who Ed Begley Jr. is if you have ever watched television or a seen a movie. But what you may not know is that Begley is a die-hard environmentalist, too, who transformed his 1930’s home in Studio City, CA into a solar-powered showcase for sustainable living. Now he has his sights set on building a new home for his family, with the goal of making it “North America’s greenest, most sustainable home” while documenting the process in a web series titled “On Begley Street”.

In order to raise money for the web series, a Kickstarter Project was initiated and is looking to secure $25,000 in donations. Once the $25K is raised, Begley will be matching it with his own $25K donation, saying “What we’re trying to fund is more than just a series – we’re creating an a new venue to present original, fun shows promoting social good. A web series and online platform gives us the independence to make these types of shows.”

“On Begley Street” will explore the design and construction of a LEED Platinum Certified home in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. It will mix in some DIY advice and tips for balancing sustainable living with comfortable living, and should prove to be just as interesting and entertaining as Begley’s previous TV project about green living, “Living with Ed”.

If you would like to participate in this Kickstarter Project, click on thru to the “On Begley Street” and take a look. Different level pledges garner different rewards, and the sooner it is funded the sooner we will be able to catch the entire series online. I, for one, am looking forward to checking it out.

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