O’Naturals – Organic And Natural Fast Food.


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I know I kind of went off a little about how the east coast does not seem to be as concerned with all things green, but I did manage to find a little haven while visiting Boston…O’Naturals, an organic and natural fast food joint. Heavenly. The food was amazing and absolutely reasonably priced and it made me wish I had one of these places down the street from me.

Started by the people who own Stonyfield Farm, these guys know organic. The food they serve in the restaurants is free from additives and preservatives, the meat is growth hormone and antibiotic free, and even their soda is an all natural variety. But the best part was that I got an amazing spicy peanut salad and a piece of flat bread for $6.00. Same amount eating at McDonald’s would cost me. Go figure.

Anyway, there aren’t a lot of these places yet, so if anyone wants to open a franchise in my neighborhood, please feel free. I promise I will be a customer.

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  1. Strange I went to the website to check where they are located and noticed it says the cafe’s have leather couches….

    They provided vegan food options but the Vegan’s are to sit on leather couches…hmmmm

  2. Probably because they owned by a Yogurt company, they have pretty good access to Cows. 🙂

    In all seriousness, I did notice that, but I would take leather over pleathur or plastic any day of the week. Wood probably would have been the best alternative for everything, as it is for the chairs and tables.

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