What Are Open Relationships And Are They On The Rise?


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Open relationships are considered by many to be taboo. Long term relationships and especially marriage are considered sacred, and the inclusion of an additional sexual partner does not appeal to the masses, in fact it is likely to strike fear into the hearts of many individuals, and is of course grounds for divorce. Even the majority of therapists advise against it, as discussed in an article by David J Ley in Psychology Today.

I believe strongly that the bias against such [alternative] relationships comes from a core ignorance about the level of variance in normal human sexuality, compounded by a cultural bias. The great majority of therapists receive an astonishingly minimal training in human sexuality. Fewer than a third of medical schools provide training in human sexuality. What consistent training there is in sexuality is typically only focused on the negative aspects, and pathology. ~ David J Ley

Polyamorous individuals are often considered to be selfish, incapable of commitment and too immature for a ‘real relationship’. But the sad fact is that ‘real’ marriages are failing, with around 50% ending in divorce.

Despite the general train of thought, open relationships are gaining in popularity, with more and more people reportedly engaged in one. So what exactly is meant by an ‘open relationship’?

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  1. I think you’d have to be emotionally open as well as physically open. I don’t think it works though. One of you is bound to get his or her feelings hurt! Thanks for sharing ! Lovely blog here.

    1. Well that’s precisely what open relations are not about. You save the love and love-making for your loved one and simply fuck with another guy/chick. I think it’s a great thing to try and see if it’s for you. ^_^

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