Open Source Vehicle Project to help the environment

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I found this site this morning called the Open Source Green Vehicle (OSGV)project which is exactly that; an open source vehicle project that “is initiated to create a public-domain vehicle platform that puts consumers’ rights, environmental responsibilities and the fate of our planet back in the hands of the citizens ourselves.”

Seems the people at OSGV feel that because the major automakers around the world are not willing (or able, for that matter) to create environmentally friendly vehicles, that a group of people working together can solve the problem and make something that both works and is affordable.

The OSGV is looking to design, manufacture, certify and distribute a vehicle that can change the way we look at the automobile. Competition from them will force the major automakers to start developing these kind of vehicles as we get closer and closer to both peak oil and environmental disaster from greenhouse gases. I have written about the Tesla Motors Electric Car before, which I think is also a step in the right direction. But OSGV is different…they are an open source project that combines the scientific and environmental knowledge of many independent people, and as they say, they have no shareholders other than Mother Nature. I believe that this might be the way to go, as its just a group of people working together for a great cause and not just to out to make money and make headlines. They genuinely believe that a group effort will accomplish what Chevy, Ford and the like says they cannot do, using only dontated money and the power of people that are involved because they want to be, not because they have to be.

Of course, this brings me to a point I have made in the past about electric vehicles. I have posted about this in the past (Seattle Prius gets over 100 MPG), where I was thinking about the fact that even though you would not be using gas in your car anymore, you would still be burning fossil fuels in order to power the electricity you would need when plugging in your car at night. Well, the people over at OSGV have that covered with a great explanation about how it is so much better for the environment to use power off the power grid than it is to use a car engine.
If you are interested in what could possibly be the future of transportation, be sure to check out the Open Source Green Vehicle (OSGV) project. Also, they are looking for volunteers to work on the project, and they accept donations as well.

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