Organic Farms Labeling Factory Farm Milk As ‘USDA Organic’

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Oh. My. Somehow we all knew this day was coming, but COME ON…this is a huge company to be falsely labeling non-organic milk as organic and expecting no one to notice. It turns out that along with Horizon and Aurora brand dairy products, there are a bunch more private label brands that have been labeling their milk wrong too. From the Organic Consumers Association:

The Organic Consumers Association is expanding its boycott of Horizon and Aurora organic dairy products to include five national “private label” organic milk brands supplied by Aurora, as well as two leading organic soy products, Silk and White Wave, owned by Horizon’s parent company, Dean Foods.

Wow. And you might love this too:

Aurora Organic supplies milk for several private label organic milk brands, including Costco’s “Kirkland Signature,” Safeway’s “O” organics brand, Publix’s “High Meadows,”Giant’s “Natures Promise,” and Wild Oats’ organic milk. Aurora Organic received a failing grade from the Cornucopia Institute’s survey of organic dairies for its practice of intensive confinement of dairy cows. … The Cornucopia Institute recently blew the whistle on Aurora Organic’s greenwashing and its bogus certification of animal welfare.

We have bought Horizon products in the past and when I first heard of this a while ago we stopped doing so. Now it seems like you might not be able to trust anyone anymore to give you what you want and are paying for. I would advise anyone that buys organic dairy products to check out the source of the product and look around online for any disturbing news about where your product is coming from. The Organic Consumers Association is a good place to start for more info.

So bad. And you thought it was only Wal-Mart you couldn’t trust….

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