Organic, Environmentally Friendly Pizza Franchises Coming Soon.

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Thanks to my buddy Noah for sending me this little tidbit, originally mentioned over at LAist. Here is some info from Pizza Fusion’s website…holy cow!

Pizza Fusion addresses the needs of today’s health conscious consumer with concern for both the individual and the environment by supporting organic agriculture through our organic menu and practicing an eco-friendly approach to all our operations. From the creation of our food to its delivery to the customer, every aspect of our operations was designed to support the preservation and improvement of the environment. Some examples of our environmental initiatives include:

  • Delivering our food in company owned hybrid vehicles
  • Offsetting 100% of our energy usage with the purchase of renewable wind energy certificates
  • Recycling and giving customers discounts for bringing back their pizza boxes to recycle them
  • Using only eco-friendly cleaners to sanitize our stores
  • Using 100% post-consumer recycled paper in our collateral
  • Selling and providing our employees only with eco-apparel made from 100% organic cotton
  • Giving our customers discounts when they return their pizza box to recycle it
  • Serving our food in plastic-like containers made from 100% corn starch that decompose in landfills in only 50 days
  • Using only spudware utensils that are made 100% from potatoes that biodegrade in 50 days
  • Using 100% post consumer toilet paper and paper towels in all our bathrooms
  • Printing our in-store graphics on a banner material made from 100% recycled plastic soda bottles and printed using non-VOC inks
  • Host a free organic kids class every third Saturday of the month that educates children on the importance of eating organic and recycling
  • Donate money to environmental causes in and around our communities

Their slogan is “Saving The Earth One Pizza At A Time”…and it sure looks like they might succeed! Pizza Fusion

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