Stunning Examples of Paying It Forward That Will Inspire You To Be A Better Person

It is such a sad feeling, to be disappointed with humanity. We are often made very aware of how unkind people can be to each other. Perhaps it makes better headlines. But creeping up, in social media, and other smaller news networks there have been heartwarming tales of people paying-it-forward. If you have never heard of that phrase, then I hope that this post will leave you feeling great, with renewed hope that humans are good inside. Because, like the name of this site, humans really are good.

I believe that most people are inherently kind but simply struggle to show it. When we see someone being bullied or mistreated, we often do not want to get involved and we choose instead to keep quiet because we don’t know what to say.

Once, I was sitting at McDonalds eating a fast food dinner with some friends. We noticed a beggar standing at the entrance to the drive-thru hoping to persuade customers to buy him something to eat. It was a sad picture to observe and it made us all feel uncomfortable as we stuffed our faces.

A fancy BMW drove past us after picking up their food from to the window. The driver leaned out to hand something to the beggar, relieved that someone had given him – we couldn’t see, was it money? Something to eat? No. The driver had given him a packet of ketchup and then casually drove away. I don’t think that I need to go into detail in describing the beggar’s countenance after this. None of us could believe what we had just seen. I was shocked at the insensitivity of that person, as if mocking the man in his unfortunate position in life.  I wanted to pick the beggar up, pull his shoulders back and lift his head. I wanted to tell him that the man in that BMW was infinitely poorer than he was.

2 thoughts on “Stunning Examples of Paying It Forward That Will Inspire You To Be A Better Person”

  1. Thank you for sharing yet more goodness. Humans are good, we’ve just been programmed. It’s up to us to notice and it start getting back to who we really are and UNPROGRAM yourselves. The BMW driver is a perfect example of how bad programming hurts – stumps our growth. Sadder still is eating at McDonalds. Its not even food fit to feed to a rat. It’s poison.


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