Images Of Pollution From Around The World.


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Is this really how we want to go out? Are we really willing to sit back and let other people destroy the only planet we can call home? I don’t think so…there has to be a better way. After you take a look at what is happening around the world, hopefully you will be spurned into action.

Pollution of Pangkor Island, photo from ntlam
River Pollution
Nile River Cairo Air Pollution Smog and Haze, photo from ninahale
Sky Factory, photo from Taras Kalapun

Chinese River Pollution
Smoke One, photo from ojbyrne

Smoke Stacks

West Java, Indonesia
Downtown Los Angeles, CA

We can do better, I know we can…

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  1. Oh my goodness…. these are devastating. I know that we all “know” that this is happening everywhere, but we’re often so trapped in our own cubes that we forget our daily connection to this tragic abuse of environment and life. Yikes.

    A better way… we have to…

  2. Thanks for sharing these. I think it’s definitely very important to show the impacts of industry on the environment. Interesting issue of National Geographic last month all about China. One article talks about the environmental damage being done. However, it equates American consumers complaining about China’s environmental damage to an addict blaming the dealer for his problems. In other words, America purchases A LOT of products from China. So by buying products from China (and other places where the environment is sacrificed) we are actually encouraging and funding the environmental destruction we are hoping to avoid. If people were able to make this link, I think they would change their habits/purchases. Educating people on what the impact of their purchases is (via these photos and other ways) is a critical step towards getting people to care, and then to act.

  3. I read that as well Ryan – devastating stuff.

    And yes Ashley, we sure do get caught up in our own “clean” world and forget what other places look like…

  4. I think it should be more posts like this… To open eyes to other people, so we can react properly and reduce pollution…
    Or post picture like this in Google maps, or something like that..
    that’s horrible, and more and more places starts to look like places on pictures 🙁

  5. Just spent time at a pristine lake in BC. The residents recently fought against a factory being built in their community and won. They’re suddenly empowered to rebrand the area as an Eco destination. Change happens. Thanks for posting this.

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