Prefab of the Week: Connect Homes

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That’s right, I am bringing back my Prefab of the Week feature. Newer readers may not know it, but I did a Prefab Wednesday for years and stopped doing it because interest in prefab started to wane and businesses were going out of business! Lately, however, there is renewed interest in the technology and I am going to be covering the industry once again.

Architects Jared Levy and Gordon Stott both worked at one of my favorite prefab/design firms Marmol Radziner for 5 years before striking out on their own with Connect Homes, a new company that is out to change the prefab industry. The prefab process can be an absolute PITA even though it is supposed to be easier than stick-building a home, and Connect Homes is aiming to fix that with their homes.

According to them, they have spent the last 2 years developing a modular housing system which cuts delivery costs by 90%. Delivery expenses are one of the roadblocks to anyone actually getting a prefab house built, so a 90% cut in that expense could open the door to a lot of people being able to actually get a prefab house delivered to them for less than the cost of the house itself!

I priced out a 3 bedroom house I would be thrilled to live in and it came in at under $280,000, including delivery charges. If Connect Homes can make this happen on a grand scale for anyone interest, they may have broken one of the curses of the prefab industry.

I will be checking out their Connect:2 prototype pop-up house at the Dwell on Design show coming up in a few weeks here in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more info and some pictures from the show!

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  1. Yes!! So interesting!
    I do hope you’ll also write about houses that are good for Canadian winters and (humid, in southern Ontario) summers.
    Thanks 🙂

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