Prefab Wednesday – LivingHomes By Ray Kappe


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Oh sometimes I really know just how lucky I am that I live in Santa Monica. Ever since we saw that this house was being built just a short ways from here, we have driven by it a bunch of times to marvel at it. This house is beautiful if nothing else at all…This first LivingHomes home was recently built out here and designed by Ray Kappe:


The house was designed to meet Platinum LEED certification, with a solar system, forced hot air radiant heating and air conditioning, doors and windows made out of recycled materials, and L.E.D. lights, which use even less energy than CFL bulbs. At 2,500 square feet plus indoor/outdoor spaces, one would not consider it very efficient, but it is designed to be at least 36% more efficient than a typical site built home. It is a prefab and it can be assembled in as little as 8 hours…by someone other than myself I imagine, but still, thats pretty cool.

Now for the sad part….it is very expensive. I know its a model and all, and I am sure prices will drop down a little bit, but again, another gorgeous sustainable prefab out of reach of the normal consumer. Right now it is priced at $300 per square foot, which puts building this for yourself at a bare minimum of $750,000 plus land. Just a tad out of reach for about 90% of the population, especially those who actually want prefab houses.


But it is so damn good looking and even better looking in person! Too bad we will never be able to afford one at all, but it sure is nice to look at and I am glad that sustainability in prefabs is getting a bigger look from a wider audience. For more info along with a ton of pictures and videos, visit LivingHomes.

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  1. dude, right impulse, bad info. That house is only like 2,500 sf. Maybe you’re adding decks and roof deck? That wouldn’t count in the price calc. And it’s LEED Platinum (which I suppose is a more exact way of saying it “exceeds LEED Gold”)

  2. You are right, that’s what happens when you read too much about different houses all on the same day. I just changed the info to reflect your comment.

  3. Beautiful home, fantastic design, but these houses are built more to alleviate bourgeois guilt than environmental impact. So what if one showbiz executive gets to feel smug about his 36% superior energy efficiency? The rest of us still have to live in housing that doesn’t require a winning SuperLotto ticket to afford, and chances are that housing will have been built on site by a developer who didn’t have LEED certification in mind.

  4. WAIT – did anyone consider that in Santa Monica $750k for a house is quite affordable? A crappy fixer-upper can cost that much in all of LA county. Add in the price of land and you are looking at a reasonable price for that neighborhood – not showbiz execs, but everyday people too – well, those of us with middle class incomes anyway.

  5. Drew – my wife and I are solidly middle class and we rent in Santa Monica a block from the beach…but we cannot afford this house or any other house this close to the beach. I read somewhere that the land alone for that property was close to a million dollars, if you could find where it was actually affordable that would be great!

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