Prefab Wednesday – The FlatPak House.

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December 2007 was the last time I wrote about prefab houses that I really liked, so I figured I would bring Prefab Wednesday back for at least today to cover the FlatPak House, which I really like.

The FlatPak house is what they call a system of prefabricated components that seem to be fully interchangeable to match what you want to get out of your house. The house is based on 8 foot wide wall sections, and the owner can decide where they want the windows, doors, etc.. Even the shelving inside the house is in sections, and you just tell them where you want the storage! Pretty cool…

The houses arrive at your site already configured with: kitchen cabinets, appliances, fixtures, storage units, interior and exterior lighting, in-floor heating and air system, and the patio. As with most prefab homes, the price you pay for the house does not include site work, permits, septic, and utility lines. And also like other good prefab homes, the FlatPak houses are not cheap – $200-$300 per square foot. So for a 1,500 square foot house you are looking at a minimum of $300,000 just for the house, and not including any of the stuff I listed above. Way above my price range for what I feel comfortable paying for a house, but I am sure there are many people out there that would consider that a bargain, seeing as how nice looking and integrated the house is. If the FlatPak people ever want to build one in Taos, NM as a demo, I will surely go pick up some land! 😉

If you want a FlatPak house, it will take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months for them to design it for you, depending on your specifications. Add on another 6 months for construction of your actual home, plus delivery and set-up time. So it looks like from start to finish, with you residing in your new house, would take about a year or so.

I really dig these houses for several reasons – they are prefab, so they waste less resources. They look to be incredibly energy efficient, are very configurable to match your land/views, and they don’t look like your run-of-the-mill houses inside what I call “house farms” sprouting up all over the country. If you want to check out more about them, you can visit, or check out their Flickr page. Hope to see more of these houses popping up guys, they look pretty good!

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