Prefab Wednesday – The LV Series By Rocio Romero.


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Affordable? Check. Cool? Check. Approved by the wife? Not so much, at least not yet. But Rocio Romero is on to something here with the LV series of prefab homes:


1150 sq. ft, living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and closets all for $33,923. Now that is affordable prefab housing! A lot of people take issue with the simple steel box look of the house, but I kind of dig it in its simplicity. After all, what more should a house be other than 4 walls, a roof and a few rooms where you can hang out and put your feet up? These McMansions going up everywhere are way above and beyond what the average person really needs…and the LV fills that gap incredibly well. On top of how inexpensive the homes are, they are incredibly green due to the use of steel and their double 6 inch walls, which gives the house an insulation rating of R-38…most homes are R-14 to R-19, so that is quite an improvement.


The siding comes in a bunch of different colors, you can alter the layout and amount of space you want, it can go on a flat slab or on a basement. And if you need something a little bigger, you can always check out the LVL model which is 1453 sq. ft with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms…and it starts at $42,115. Check out all the info, slideshows and different models at Rocio Romero.

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  1. The LV is like the VW Beetle of prefab. Imminently lovable. Cute, stylish, affordable. They make you smile. I agree with you, they pack a lot of living in a small package. Nice floorplan with everything you need. The three bedroom LVL version is still very modestly sized and could accommodate a family nicely. Hard to beat.

  2. Wow! A home I could actually afford! I don’t know why your wife doesn’t like it; I too love the simplicity but of course I would have to buy the land to put it on and THAT would be too much money…

  3. Right on about the VW Beetle comparison, never thought of that John.

    And Stacie, it all depends where you buy the land! We are looking at land in Taos, NM for about $90,000 for 6 acres…add the price of the house and you have a nice place for about $150,000!

  4. Just a quick reality check on construction costs for the LV home – remember the upfront cost is just for the basic kit. All other construction costs and site development costs need to be met by you. Current owner/builders of the LV home are spending an average of $125 per square foot for the completed construction of this home. There is a Yahoo group called LVHomeFans where builders of this home share their actual real world construction experience:

  5. I agree drewva, the price I quoted is just for the house, but even at the $125 per square built price, it is still a lot cheaper than most prefab options.

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