Prefab Wednesday – The zeroHouse.

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Holy Moly Batman…a house that powers itself, composts its own waste, collects its own water, and is completely automatic doing all of these things. When can I get one? Maybe if it is ever made I can get on the list, but for now, the zeroHouse looks to be just a great idea.


The solar panels produce all the power for the house and store enough juice in the batteries that the house can be powered for a week without sunlight. A worthwhile goal and one that I think we might eventually see in real life scenarios.


The plumbing is all gravity-fed from the cistern, so there are no pumps to run – which means less electricity use. And all the waste gets composted under the house rather than fed to a sewer or septic tank, which provides for great fertilizer for any gardens you might have.


The zeroHouse is designed with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom, all the cabinets and furniture is built-in to save space, and all the lighting is LED lighting, which uses way less electricity than CFL’s or incandescents bulbs. Hopefully this house will actually be built, for for now it is nice to dream. Check it out over at zeroHouse.

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