Prefab Wednesday – Why I Write About Prefab Houses.

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I am feeling really under the weather this week and instead of trying to go and research the next prefab house for this Wednesday’s edition, I thought I would take a moment to answer a reader’s question as to why I write a weekly post about prefab housing. Here is the question:

I have been reading your site for quite some time and I am curious as to why you write about these pre-fab houses every week. It seems like most of your other posts are about being green and the environment, and I am not all that interested in these kind of houses. Anyway just wondering but I like all the other stuff that you write about!” – Jason

First off, thanks for writing. I love getting emails from readers, whether they are positive or negative. This email is kind of both; he likes the site but he doesn’t like the prefab articles. That’s cool, not everyone will like everything I write! But here are a few reasons why I like to write about prefab houses.

Reason #1 – I personally like them. I like the way they look, how you can have a custom designed house built for you for way less than a site built custom home would cost. They don’t look like every other house in every other neighborhood built in the last 10 years. You wouldn’t find these in a house farm!

Reason #2 – Prefab houses can be incredibly green. They are built to exact specifications in a factory, reducing material waste. Because of these exacting standards, these houses tend to be more efficient in terms of heating and AC use as well.

Reason #3 – The companies building these houses tend to care about the environment, so they are doing whatever they can to have an impact while they are designing. From caring about what floors are used, to using non-toxic insulation, to integrating grey water systems and solar systems, a lot of these designers care about the environment and want to build you a safe and healthy home. Try getting that from your typical “mass consumption” home builder.

Thanks for your email Jason, I appreciate hearing from you. As you can see, I write about prefab housing for several reasons that are near and dear to me; good design and the environment just to name a few. The prefab movement is growing stronger, and anything that both makes for a greener world and changes the “house farm” mentality of the current builders is worthy to be covered every week!

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