President Obama’s ‘Climate Action Plan’ is but a Smokescreen

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Don’t believe me? Check out what other, much smarter people than myself are saying. This is not a victory, at all. Rhetoric trumps all here.

Steve Horn from DeSmogBlog states that the president’s “Climate Action Plan” is “a full-throttle endorsement of every aspect of fracking and the global shale gas market.” Fracking is one of the most polluting methods of drilling for natural gas, so not sure how or why this should be included in a plan supposedly designed to STOP the climate crisis. Sounds like a giveaway to oil and gas companies if you ask me.

In the New York Times, Justin Gillis writes that Obama “will be lucky to get a final plan in place by the time he leaves office in early 2017.” Notice that part about it being lucky? That’s because it probably won’t ever be put in place and more than likely – should the next president be a Republican – will be killed anyway. Give another great speech, pass the buck to someone else. If nothing else, Obama will be remembered for his speeches, for sure. Action? Not so much.

The Center for Biological Diversity said that the plan “will not cut emissions enough to prevent catastrophic warming and extreme weather dangers predicted by federal scientists” and that key points he made in the plan are “already required by law.” “We’re happy to see the president finally addressing climate change but the plain truth is that what he’s proposing isn’t big enough, and doesn’t move fast enough, to match the terrifying magnitude of the climate crisis,” said Bill Snape, the Center’s senior counsel.

Obama’s Plan Lacks Urgency on Climate Crisis. That’s the headline of an article over at Common Dreams. Many of the “ideas” in Obama’s speech aren’t new at all; they were already in the 2007 Clean Air Act but just aren’t being enforced. “He promised today to do something, but there is zero guarantee that he will follow through.” Seems to be a common theme to this speech for many critics of this plan.

“He wants to both expand U.S. oil and natural gas production while bringing down CO2 emissions. That sort of ‘all of the above’ energy strategy… is not a sure route to emission reductions. This is from David Biello at Scientific American.

Josh Fox, Director of the movies about fracking “Gasland” and “Gasland 2”, doesn’t think much of the president’s plan either. “Without reducing total production, which would require him to really take on the fossil fuel industries and have a real fight with them, this plan is not going to do anything to solve the problem,” he said.

Is some action better than none? Of course. But many environmentalists are praising President Obama as if he saved the world from certain destruction while oddly ignoring the negatives of this “plan.”

A little more reality and a little less rhetoric would go a long way in attempting to fight climate change.

You can’t win when you’re phoning it in.

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  1. You speak the truth Good Human.

    Fracking natural gas is a matter of national security – or so think those at the helm. Thanks to fracking the USA is now energy independent and has so much natural gas we’re exporting it. So as the BRICS grow and leave the Petrodollar in the dust, the USA is somewhat shielded from the economic reality of shifting global power.

    This shift might also explain why both political parties seem to be perfect in harmony these days, and why the US is taking such bold actions militarily and in other nation’s business.

    I hate all this as much as the next freedom loving American. I personally think trashing lands & water for short term economic gains/hedges may be our downfall.

    I highly recommend this mini-documentary that describes the natural gas rush in the USA:

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