Product Review: Aroha Organics Natural, Handmade Soap.


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The people at Aroha Organics were nice enough to send me a bar of their Rosemary Mint organic soap to try out, and I have to say that I liked it a lot. A few weeks ago I wrote a “Do One Thing” post about buying local, handmade soaps, and if you happen to live in Wisconsin or are in the market for handmade, organic soap, you might want to give these guys a look. Jennifer and Brendan are the owners of the company, who started hand-making their soap after working on organic farms in both New Zealand and the U.S..

The soap base they use is certified organic and sustainably harvested, they use their own herbs and flowers in the soaps and balms, and they reuse shipping materials as much as they can. As for ingredients, it depends on the kind of soap you have, but the rosemary mint they sent me contained saponified organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, handmade infused chamomile oil, rosemary and peppermint essential oils, wheatgrass powder, and rosemary oleoresin extract which is a natural preservative. No synthetic frangrances, colorants or preservatives are used either, making this is a very high quality soap. And the fact that they make this soap by hand, with their own ingredients, and sell it for only $5, is just fantastic.

As a special offer to the readers of The Good Human, Jennifer and Brendan wanted to give you a free bar of soap for every four that are purchased by using the code “goodhuman”. All you have to do is pick 4, and they will include a 5th one for free if you let them know where you found out about them (right here on this site). So thanks to them for that, and if you are looking for some really nice, handmade organic soap, you might want to give them a try at Aroha Organics!

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  1. This is not the soap I buy here locally – this was a sample sent to me. It’s great soap, works wonderfully, but it’s not local to me. They are based in Wisconsin.

  2. This is interesting. Are these the natural soaps you were talking about in your other post about buying local soap? When you see saponified oil in the ingredient list it means that lye was mixed with the oil & “saponified” it.

    I remember we had a discussion about this on the last post about soap. I questioned soap advertised as having all organic ingredients because lye isn’t organic and is a chemical.

    Just wondering if this is the soap you’re talking about because I’d bet this soap is made with lye – looks exactly like the soap I make.

    Oh. I just checked their webpage and see they use the cold process method which does in fact use lye.

  3. Thanks for your comment about our soap. I understand your point about lye being a chemical which is not organic.

    Aroha Organics soaps and balms do not claim to be certfied organic, but we try to use organic ingredients wherever possible. Not only do we feel this is an important decisions for a safer product, but we also feel very strongly about supporting sustainable organic agriculture.

    Due to the chemistry of soap, it is almost impossible to make a completely organic bar. Within the natural products industry, there is a conversation taking place about whether soap can be technically defined as “organic” (since soap is the result of a chemical reaction and most of the original organic materials have been transformed). For our part, we commit to making soap using ONLY organic base oils and keeping our soap’s ingredients as organic as we can. A soap’s raw ingredients are either organic or they’re not, regardless of the definitions, and Aroha Organics commits to using certified organic oils wherever possible.

    On another note, we also make salves and lip balms which do not go through any chemical process and are made with mostly organic ingredients. We feel it is important to use organic ingredients wherever possible and will continue to do this whether or not soap is able to be fully organic.

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