Product Review – Method omop.

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This past weekend I had a chance to test out the all-new wet/dry mop from Method called the “omop”. It is kind of like a Swiffer…but way better and more eco-friendly. The starter kit comes with the mop itself (you assemble at home, takes 30 seconds at most), a few dusting cloths, one washable microfiber mop pad and some all purpose cleaning fluid that smells pretty good, as most of their products do.

The mop itself is very sturdy and seems like it would last a long time and the bent handle is very easy to use. However, one problem cropped up when both my wife and myself tried it out….the mop pad attaches with velcro strips that are on the bottom of the mop head, and although it does attach pretty strongly, it kept sliding off or the edge kept catching on the floor when we were mopping. It stayed put if we put a ton of pressure on the mop, but just lightly running it back and forth it did get caught a few times. Maybe in future versions they can figure out a better way to attach the mop pad. But other than that, it worked great. It did clean our floors very well and made the house smell better too.

As for the “dry” sweeping cloths, these worked well too, although I am a fan of vacuuming over sweeping. They did in fact pick up most of the excess cat hair or other particles that can be found on our hardwood floors and managed to pick up some of the “tumble-dust” that tends to get caught underneath things on wood floors. They worked a lot better than a Swiffer does, thats for sure.

An added bonus for the omop is that the sweeping cloths are 100% compostable, meaning you can throw them in with your scraps in your compost pile. They are made out of corn! The mop pad is washable (up to 50 times I think it said) so they should last you about a year. And the cleaning fluid is biodegradable and non-toxic so it is safe for kids and pets. Or me when I crawl on the floor. (Just making sure you were still reading)

Overall I would give the Method omop a 9 out of 10. It would have been a 10 if the mop pad did not catch on the floor a few times and required re-positioning. As with all their stuff, the design is pretty enough to leave out on the coffee table. Ok, maybe not, but it is better looking than your standard mop system.

Also, per my request, Method did send the MDS sheet for several of their products. I had asked for them a while back and was told they would be available soon on the website, but I never saw them. But upon asking I was sent a few. So if you are concerned with the safety of their products, just call them up and ask for the sheets.

Keep up the good work Method!

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