Profound Pieces of Yoda Wisdom That Could Change The Way You Think

Star Wars must be one of the biggest, most exciting film series of all time. If you’re a Star Wars fan then I don’t have to say much to convince you that the characters are all so well thought out with a killer creative storyline to match.

Set in a galaxy far, far away, it is surprising that Yoda has some wisdom that hits quite close to home. Yoda, in fact, can teach us a great deal about life!

Who is Yoda?

Although he is probably one of the strangest looking of the Star Wars characters, with his green skin, small frame and large ears, and although he speaks funny and is not real, he is a movie character that carries a tremendous amount of weight and wisdom. Much of what he says can actually be adopted into our everyday lives in becoming motivated and dealing with different situations.

Very often we get stuck in our heads in negativity and hopelessness, procrastinating and moping around. In the Star Wars franchise, Grand Jedi Master Yoda is the oldest and most powerful known Jedi Masters in the universe. He is responsible for training Jedis in using ‘The Force’ responsibly to fight the Dark Side.

What Is The Force?

In the film, the Force represents a binding, metaphysical power that only some Jedis can tap into. The Dark Side represents a corruptive and addictive aspect of the Force that is viewed as evil. While this may all sound like a very far-fetched fairy-tale, it can be applied to our modern lives.

In our world, the Force can represent things like positivity, balance, happiness, kindness and peace, while the Dark Side can represent things like negativity, fear, insecurity, anger, jealousy and hatred. Surely all of us want to move away from the Dark Side? Surely that is what improving ourselves is really about.

So whether you know who Yoda is or not, I am almost certain that some of these quotes can apply to you.

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