Project – Multi-Use Solar Powered Outdoor Lanterns For $16.

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Since we are moving into an actual house in a month, we are very excited to have some outdoor space to call our own and to relax in. In our apartment building, we are not even allowed to put a plant on our stoop, never mind a chair or one of these solar-powered lanterns. We just picked up a few at Crate and Barrel, as we had a gift certificate still left over from our wedding almost 3 years ago!

There is a little solar panel on the top that is supposed to provide enough juice to the battery to run the tiny L.E.D. lights inside the lamp for up to 5 hours. They ought to look pretty good hanging outside in a tree…until the high winds that sweep through New Mexico destroy them. However, I have a plan for the remnants of them as well when this happens!

I am going to take the solar panel, the L.E.D. lights and the battery holder and use the parts to make solar table lamps from mason jars. I will attach the solar panels to the top of the jar lid, and drill a hole through the lid to the underside, where I will attach the battery packs and the bulbs. Voila – instant, solar-powered, portable table lamps!

Anyone ever do a project like this? If so, would love to see what you did and where you got your parts from. I mainly bought these lamps for the innards, knowing they would probably tear apart pretty quickly. I would like to build a whole bunch of these type of lamps, but I would need to access the solar and L.E.D. lights for pretty cheap to make it worthwhile!

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