Protect Your Food From Corporate Greed!

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Food safety risks, animal abuse, and illegal working conditions are rampant on factory farms. In 2011, the corporate agriculture lobby attempted to pass so-called “ag gag” laws in four states – laws which would have made it illegal to photograph or videotape at agricultural facilities, or to possess or distribute such evidence—and they are at it again this year. Their goal is insidious: to quiet whistleblowers and eliminate access to critical evidence of farmed animal and other abuses. What’s more, restrictions or prohibitions on these records would decrease the opportunities for food safety violations to be discovered, thereby increasing the risk that consumers could be exposed to and contract illnesses from the consumption of unsafe food products and produce from jurisdictions that pass ag gag legislation.

protect your food

Documentation of abuses on farms has resulted in large-scale recalls of adulterated food products that threatened the safety of consumers. If ag gag laws prohibit such documentation, people who consume products from that jurisdiction will be at an increased risk of getting sick from eating contaminated food products.

Watch the video below to see where your food is coming from. Warning, some of the images may be considered graphic by viewers:

If your state adopts ALDF’s Protect Your Food Act (a.k.a. “The Safeguarding the Public from Food-Borne Illnesses Act“), your state government and counties will stop purchasing potentially unsafe food products from any jurisdiction with an ag gag law. The Protect Your Food Act will not only help protect your family and the residents of your state from increased risk of exposure to contaminated food—it will also serve as a legislative strike back against the corporate agriculture lobby in states that choose to keep consumers in the dark by passing ag gag laws.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Protect Your Food Act is a proposed law designed to minimize the risk to citizens of contracting food-borne illnesses by prohibiting state governments from purchasing or distributing food products from any jurisdiction that passes an ag gag law. Register your support at, and we will directly contact your state legislators on your behalf and urge them to sponsor this legislation in your state.

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