What if the Big Bang theory is wrong? – An Introduction To Quantum Gravity


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If gravitons exist it would mean that the Earth emits gravitons, which emit a downward force on objects. It is possible to disrupt the force exerted by the gravitons with other forces.

The following is quoted from Ali and Das’ research.

We show that Dark Matter consisting of bosons of mass of about 1eV or less has critical temperature exceeding the temperature of the universe at all times, and hence would have formed a Bose-Einstein condensate at very early epochs. We also show that the wavefunction of this condensate, via the quantum potential it produces, gives rise to a cosmological constant which may account for the correct dark energy content of our universe. We argue that massive gravitons or axions are viable candidates for these constituents. In the far future this condensate is all that remains of our universe.

In summary the research by Ali and Das opens up the study of Quantum Gravity to further investigation. They have put a spot light on theories that had come to be accepted as fact and reminded us to look further into the great mysteries of the Universe. What do you think? Are you a supporter of the Big Bang?

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  1. Interesting. Free energy from the Infinite Vaccum of space. Yet more energy we could be using besides; cold fusion, hemp, hydro, wind, solar, Tesla’s technologies. Why aren’t we there yet? corporations and the sheeple that keep them in business. I say can them all.

  2. I have always wondered how there could be nothing before the big bang. One characteristic of all (small and large) is movement/change. The laws by which this movement/change happens is what we are trying to define. Science needs to have a theory or hypothesis to use as something for our brain to focus on, to create reality. But what is creating the reality? What is the subject and what is the object in these relationships? How do we know what is real outside? Or inside? Again, what is constant across all is movement/change. I believe a focus on that line of thought will give additional insight into our universe. For example, what is a waveform? How is it a real thing? Do we only ‘see’ the result of its movement/change or can we the start? And end? Maybe waveform is movement/change. Wouldn’t that be a revelation? Thanks.

    1. Wow Barry, great comment, fantastic questions. I have never considered whether there is ever a start or end point to a waveform. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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