Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 101.

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What a historic week we just completed, no? When the inauguration started, I was at the Subaru dealer getting our car fixed (definitely not where I wanted to be to watch it!), with about 10 other customers waiting for their car as well. When he came out to do the oath and his speech, the dealership came to a halt – the salesmen and all the service guys came out to gather around this little 20 inch TV in the waiting room to watch. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, and once he was finished with his speech, everyone started clapping. It was quite surreal being with all these strangers in a car dealership, with us all feeling the same thing about that momentous occasion. Good luck Obama, you will need it! On to a few things I found of interest this week…

Allie discovers a cool video…of a homemade wind turbine! Check it out, its pretty cool.

A huge Antarctic ice shelf is on the brink of collapse with just a sliver of ice holding it in place, the latest victim of global warming that is altering maps of the frozen continent. “We’ve come to the Wilkins Ice Shelf to see its final death throes,” David Vaughan, a glaciologist at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), told Reuters after the first — and probably last — plane landed near the narrowest part of the ice.

The Eco Chick Organizer has an idea for reducing clutter – “So the move is finally sinking in and my inner organizer is finally starting to cheer! Purge away! My latest & greatest is rethinking the way our family saves keepsakes – especially the kids’ art projects. …the bottom line is that I cannot save everything AND I want to save and share it immediately.”

After hearing news of former US president G.W. Bush’s midnight mayhem before leaving office, many of us became a bit worried about how his last-minute regulations would affect environmental policy. Some of these include Uranium mining permits near the Grand Canyon, more logging opened in Oregon and new rules for genetically engineered plants, milk and meat. Well fret no more, as it turns out newly-appointed president Barack Obama has come to the rescue by halting all new and pending regulations thrown in at the last minute by Bush.

Grow some grub in your kitchen, even in the middle of winter, by learning how to sprout! Sprouting is a low-cost, healthy habit that can add homegrown greens to your meals with just a small time commitment every day. It’s almost idiot-proof in its simplicity, and the materials you need can be picked up for only a small investment.

Food security and global warming: Monsanto versus organic – Organic farming beats genetically engineered corn as response to rising global temperatures.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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